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Montessori moveable alphabet can improve knowledge of children

Montessori toys provided by kid advance are made of superior quality and with quality labor. Montessori materials help kids with self-confidence and self-learning. These toys are made after extensive research of Italian physician and instructor Maria Montessori. Montessori schools all over the world follow the methodology of Montessori and Kid advance Co. is dedicated to providing right material for kids’ education.

About Kid advance:

Kid advance co. hit the internet in 2006 with a goal of exclusively providing Montessori materials for kids. We are a family owned business and dedicated to providing the best quality Montessori products all across the globe at affordable prices. Unlike other companies, Kid advance don’t sell products of suppliers. Kid advance own their manufacturing firm in Zhejiang, China on over 50,000 sqft. Most of the materials are made of high-quality wood and well-tested water pain in accordance of UK and USA standards of products. Products like Movable alphabets by kid advance are made with a view of letting kids explore and create.

Montessori moveable alphabets:

Movable alphabets by kid advance are made of high quality and precision. The size is well adjusted to make children grab alphabets properly. These toys are divided into different sizes:

  • Large movable alphabets: A box id divided into two parts one containing lower case alphabets . The vowels are blue in color and consonants are pink.
  • Medium movable alphabets containing same color scheme.
  • Small movable alphabets containing same color scheme.


  • Observe the kids for readiness. The ability to recognize words into their sounds in order.
  • It is best to give them movable alphabets when children start recognizing all the sandpaper alphabets.
  • Do not ask the children to read the words they created.
  • It is important to notice that kid can fully and correctly symbolize each sound.


Steps with age involving Movable alphabets:

  1. Building words:  It is the first step in making words by combining alphabets.
  2. Age and readiness at initial stage: Children start to speak out the words they build with correct alphabets.
  3. Building phrases: Children start to evolve their words into phrases, they try to make sense of their words.
  4. Building sentences: Kids start to form sentences like “I love my mom and dad so much”.
  5. Building stories: Kids now start writing stories with meaning and build meaningful lines.

Montessori material at kid advance:

These toys come for various purposes. Kid advance provides a huge variety of toys ranging from activity toys, blocks, food plays, puzzles, craft sets etc. The excellent thing about these toys that parents don’t need to worry about how much time spent on these materials by children. Most children get bored with all activities and playing ways, Montessori materials at kid advance have an extensive range of products to keep them busy for a long time. Children love when they get encouraged by the words of parents or by succeeding in making new things. By providing these type of materials it ensures that kid will evolve into a self-confident person in later life.

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