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Montessori Teaching materials are the best option for learning

Montessori Education

Montessori is basically an educational model based on the human development. Montessori education was first introduced by Maria Montessori and her aim was to focus on individual progress and growth of child instead of using the traditional approach to measurements of achievements like grades and tests. Montessori environment helps to focus particularly on each individual so that they can grow towards independence and learn harmony within the groups. Kidadvance provides the materials to set up the Montessori environment in schools and homes.

Montessori teaching material

Montessori environment has designed some games, activities for the children’s to learn and develop eye-hand coordination, to move their fingers, and a variety of early cognitive skills. That means each Montessori Teaching Materials by kidadvance has a unique purpose (to learn the names of objects, or to understand the world of color, logic building). Montessori education supports the materials having specific purpose only but not open-ended or can be used in a variety of ways. We at kidadvance focus on certain qualities and attributes of the materials so that it must be used for its actual hope of use.

The goal of the Montessori Teaching Materials by kidadvance is to help the child in organizing their behaviors and keep calm, harmony and self- management.

Not just the toys

The things found in the Montessori environment are “materials” rather than being called as “toys”. The children do not play with the toys instead they work with materials. This allows the children to grasp the most about the things or the environment. Kidadvance material emphasizes on giving the superior quality materials to engage the children in the fun and learning creative activities.

Characteristics of Montessori things or materials

There are many things about the Montessori theory and materials which make them a wonderful option for children. Each material has its own specifications like some help in refining tactical sense, others may help in visual discrimination of dimensions, size & shape, visual recognition of objects etc. Some other characteristics are:

  • The understanding of materials contributes to the abilities of children to be self-directed learners instead of needing constant redirection of adults.
  • An ability of the children to organize activities, and to understand the purpose and place of all things helps them in organize their brains.
  • Children learn from their own mistakes to make the correct decision instead of depending on the teacher.
  • Montessori specifies that each child has a different pace of learning and allows them to grow at their pace only.
  • Montessori environment and materials help children to return the inner peace of child which is a natural part of their personality.
  • The purpose inherited in their learning activities help children in maintaining the order to become calm and to make strong neural connections and memory techniques along the pathways of the movement.
  • The children learn individual learning only for the need for self-development.
  • Children work for the sense of discovery and the fun of working. They are natural leaders and delight themselves in doing new tasks.
  • Montessori materials build a concrete learning of fundamental concepts.

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